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Whether you are planning for a class reunion, a wedding reception & dance, an anniversary celebration, or some other group event, you can bet you'll find lots of helpful information and resources on the internet. If you do your own web search, you will get more music resources than you can possibly use. Below are a few internet sites that we think are useful starting points, with some of these sites offering ideas and planning assistance for other aspects of your event besides the music.

If you’re trying to come up with songs for events at your wedding dance (first dance, mother-son, father-daughter, etc.), check out the following websites, and do your own internet search using words like “wedding music,” “wedding dance songs,” “first dance songs,” “father daughter songs,” etc. Some web sites will let you play excerpts of songs, or you can also visit the iTunes website where you can listen to thirty second excerpts from a song without having to buy a thing.

If you’re looking for a list of songs popular during specific years for a class reunion, an anniversary, or some other celebration, visit some of these websites, and do your own search using words like “class reunion,” “wedding anniversary songs,” “top 100 songs,” “pop music charts,” etc.:
   [NOTE: Just change the four digits in this web address for the year you want]

If you want to check out lyrics of songs, the following websites should help, and others can be found with an internet search using just the word “lyrics,” or words like, “song lyrics,” “pop song lyrics,” etc.

If you find a great website that you think we should add to the lists above, let us know!!

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