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Although never having formal musical training as a child, I have always enjoyed listening to most any type of music, and from my teen years to the present day, I have maintained a personal collection of recorded music. Earlier it was mostly pop and rock ‘n’ roll on LP’s. I purchased my first fancy component cassette recorder in the 70’s, and over the next several years I made over five hundred 90-minute cassette tapes with music from my own LP’s as well as those borrowed. When CDs became the dominant music format in the 1990’s, I started collecting music in that format, and in the process, replaced most of the music I had on my cassettes and LP’s. My music collection has grown to over 2500 CDs formatted on hard drives for easy access and playback.

With the growth of my CD collection through the 90’s, my long held dream of starting a DJ service as a way to share my music collection with others moved to reality, and in 1997 Classic Reunion Music Services (CRMS) was formed. Until 2008 my full time professional life for 32 years was that of a high school counselor in the local school district, so CRMS started out and still is a part time hobby business. Nonetheless, it has been a passion of mine, so my standards for meeting the needs of my CRMS customers have always been high, as evidenced by the many unsolicited comments received from customers.

The name of my business evolved from the fact that I expected to play the music I loved, the classic pop and rock ‘n’ roll hits, mostly for class reunions. Thus, the name “Classic Reunion.”  However, as opportunities for playing in other
venues presented themselves, I quickly learned that I
could also share the music I love at wedding dances,
holiday parties, and many other settings.

I hope I can share my music with you!

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